Lark’s Vision for the Future

Lark’s Vision of the Future for- “The Work”.

Lark had moved into another dimension of understanding what needed to be done to move “The Work” forward in preparation of what would be required to sustain functioning resourceful communities.

Lark began evaluating the organizational structure of how profit, public and non-profit entities work or do not work in concert with one another. She analyzed how her organization could find ways to bring these entities together in a resourceful and supportive collaborative relationship. Lark understood that the key to sustainable and viable work that would have any measure of “change and enhancement” in the quality of life for the residents and businesses in a community would require “an alliance”. She had begun the practice of sharing resources from CHC grants with other community based non-profit organizations that each had a very specific mission so that there was no overlap of services. She brought them together and started the dialog on how they could be more effective and have a larger impact on the “community”. She was in the process of designing a format that would develop an umbrella alliance that was constructed on the mission of instead of competition for resources to collaboration of resources with intent to move all entities into a position of sustainability. The alliance would be a proactive force identifying what the needs are in the service community. An inclusive methodology would be the approach with a fluid and evolving context that left room for change and growth in the structure of the alliance. Can you even imagine what genius this vision was that came up out of the depth of her understanding that with this model at a local level what an impact it would have at a city-state-and federal. So simple yet so profound. What does it look like this collaboration alliance? It looks like-neighborhoods-non-profits-private businesses-public entities such as (educational institutions, law enforcement- fire department-churches and other religious institutions-public utilities-social services-department of employment-city councils, state senate-federal /Senate and House of Representatives-perhaps this could even work globally as Lark envisioned and include the United Nations.