The LGG Memorial Projects

“Waves of Change”

The Concept:

In an effort to acknowledge and continue the legacy of Lark Galloway-Gilliam and others that have passed on, we wanted to find a way to show our appreciation and respect for the years of service they have given tirelessly and unselfishly to humanity. We are cognizant of the great sacrifice their leadership has cost them in an effort to bring about change to enhance the quality of our lives. We realize that, like Lark, these unsung heroes had been “called into service as their life’s work”. It took the ability for them to dream visions of how to impact our lives in a positive vain. It took humility and respect for others that allowed them to be able to build bridges and extend the possibility of compromise, in order to manifest these visions into reality and sustainability. They are calling each of us “into action” to move forward in uplifting our communities and to provide support to those that are “taking up the Work”. There will be a memorial site that will not only leave a mark of their legacy for us to remember, but will be a venue for visionaries to come-“STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and be inspired”. The legacy Memorial will support future leaders and advocates that need scholarships and internships.

Waves of Change Memorial site is a place that signifies the turning of the tide for the dreams, visions, and implementation of policy and actions that will enhance the quality of life of our citizenry. It is a memorial for L.A. County’s most influential and dedicated grassroots community leaders. It serves as a reflections space for those who aspire to follow in the footsteps of those community leaders, activist and advocates that have worked tirelessly fulfilling their “calling” and are now committed to not only continuing the work on which their legacy stands, but to move forward with new and vital “call to action” projects and programs that will demonstrate the power and commitment of what it means to be an advocate and activist in the well- being of our communities. “Lark Galloway-Gilliam” always said, “If I don’t speak what I know to be truth, who will be the voice of those that have not been heard. It is our responsibility as advocates to envision, awaken, inspire, empower and push forward to actualize justice and equality for all of our citizens, in all of our communities.” We calling into action this memorial site on behalf of the courageous and dedicated life of Lark E. Galloway-Gilliam. Lark was always a pioneer in her field of advocacy for quality health and community standards of equity for the under-represented and the community at large. Each year the Memorial Project will select another community leader, activist, or advocate to include on the walls of the “Waves of Change”.

Members and Contributors of the Lark Eloise Galloway-Gilliam Legacy Committee

Nicole A. Evans- (Chair)
Janice Taylor- Former CHC employee
Orland Bishop- Colleague/Spiritual Mentor
Jon Nomachi- Former CHC employee
Paul Hernandez-President of the Board of Directors CHC Mia Boykins- Former CHC employee
David McNeil- Executive Officer Baldwin Hills Conservancy Mary Johnson- Former CHC employee
Elizabeth Galloway-Evans
Patricia Galloway-Banday
Mark E. Galloway
Lloyd E. Galloway, Jr.
Victoria Martin- Former CHC employee
Robin E. Gilliam-
Catherine Sepulveda- Current CHC employee
Leilani Banday
Joshua Banday
Eugene Banday
Sonya Vasquez- Current CHC employee
Annie Caputo Pearl- Former CHC employee
Terri Taylor
Isidra Person-Lynn
Wiley Brown